Home school contracts cannot include conditions that would be illegal or inappropriate, such as refusal. B to give up the school uniform, for example, if the child is not able to comply for religious reasons. At Briarwood School, we believe that all components of the school community play an important role in ensuring that the school is a place where you learn and where the basic rules are maintained. The strength of the school is the partnerships that have developed between the parties. We all have a responsibility to ensure that the school has a calm environment in which every child can thrive. Our learning mentors help you if you have difficulty with your child`s presence. The first team of children and families will address the parents at home in case of irregular presence and/or persistent delay. Parents cannot be tried for violating the terms of the contract. A child should not be excluded from school, nor should the school treat the child or parents negatively because the parent is not absent or refuses a parenting statement. Schools cannot encourage parents to sign the parenting statement before the child is admitted to school or to make the signature a condition for the child`s admission to school. Tell the school by letter or phone in case of absence. After choosing the Silver End Academy for your child, you accept the school`s goals, values, policies and procedures and positively support the school.

3. Make sure your child wears the school uniform and adheres to the school clothing code. 5. Support the school`s behavioural policy and cooperate fully in all behaviour procedures where necessary (i.e. setting goals, audits, etc.) Negotiate fair codes of conduct and school rules with children that develop friendship and respect for others and respect school behaviour and consistent policy. Children who have a doctor`s appointment should be cared for by an adult. They are disconnected from school and should return to school as soon as possible after the appointment. We work closely with parents to develop health plans for children with specific medical needs.